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With "Your Maps" application makes your own maps.  

This Iphone application use the pictures in the Photo library as source of maps, once the initial setting has been done it shows your location on the map using the GPS information. This application is mainly for navigation on a leisure hiking, it can also be used for other purpose.

To use this application, take a picture of a map using the camera or save a map picture from your email to the picture library. Once the picture is in the library start the application and click on the "get map from Photo Library" button at the bottom of the Iphone screen. Do the initial settings and you have a local map application that do not need any network connection.

This application is intended for those who do not have access to a data connection on their Iphone, for example when you are abroad or when the network coverage is poor. This application can be very useful during a trek in the mountains or the deserts.
This app is also very useful when you are at the entry of a national park and a map of the area is provided on a panel. Just take the picture of the map and use it for your walk/drive in the park.

8 steps to use "Your Maps":
1) take a picture of the map, the top of the picture must be the North
2) start "your Maps" app
3) click on "get map from Photo Library"
4) choose the photo that will be used as the map background
5) the map first initialization takes at least 20 seconds
6) use two fingers to zoom in and adjust the cross in the center of the screen as the initial point. The white cross indicates the location where you are. To get the right horizontal accuracy from the GPS it is better to wait until the application shows and accuracy under +/-30 m at the bottom of the screen.
7) click on "i" at the right corner in order to set the scale and the name of the map. Finally tap the button "set initial point".
The scale is the distance in kilometer/mile between the left and the rigth side of the screen.
8) you can now walk or drive around and see your location on the map you just created.

Each map created are stored on the Iphone and can be selected from the table in the first screen using the right "discover button". To delete a map, swipe from left to right the row and tap on delete.

This application do not contains geographic information when it starts for the first time, you must have maps pictures in you "photo library" to initialize your own map universe.