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Welcome on Nelix dev, we develop applications for iPhone, iPod Touch and Ipad.

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IOS/Android devices performance : Phone/Tablet benchmark results

Iphone 5 with A6 processor : launched date : september 21, 2012



NEW four apps for ANDROID devices : Bench, Stars, Planets, Ptolemy Universe  

Ptolemy Universe for IOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod)

  Ptolemy universe

New : hiking trails captured using "Trail Tracker" :


Verizon Wireless is selling the IPhone since february 2010, Verizon is one of two major U.S. carriers that use CDMA technology, the other being Sprint Nextel. Alltel also used CDMA before becoming part of Verizon Wireless. Verizon provide wireless services to almost 100 million costumers. CDMA or CDMA2000 (also known as IMT Multi‑Carrier (IMT‑MC)) is a family of 3G mobile technology standards, which use CDMA channel access, to send voice, data, and signaling data between mobile phones and cell sites. CDMA = Code division multiple access a channel access method used by various radio communication technologies. CDMA allows several transmitters to send information simultaneously over a single communication channel. This allows several users to share a band of frequencies. CDMA is a "spread spectrum" technology. CDMA assigns unique codes to each communication to differentiate it from others in the same spectrum

AT&T starts selling the Apple iphone in june 2007. AT&T is the largest provider of mobile telephony service in the United States, providing mobile phone services to almost 100 million customers in the US. AT&T uses the GSM technology, as many carriers around the world such as Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone, China Mobile, SingTel, Telefonica, O2, ... GSM Global System for Mobile Communications (80–85 % market share) is a 2G mobile technology for both voice and data (GPRS). The 3G technology knows as UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunications System allows faster data transmission. UMTS has evolve to HSDPA and HSUPA allowing up to 7 megabits per second. UMTS and GSM technologies allow Voice an Data at the same Time, which CDMA does not allow.

Sprint Nextel Corporation operates Sprint, the third largest wireless telecommunications network in the United States, with 52 million customers. Sprint is a global Internet carrier. The company operates using two separate wireless network technologies, CDMA and iDEN. Sprint Nextel launched its first WiMAX wireless card on December 21, 2008. Sprint is also selling the Iphone in the US, starting from October 14, 2011.